MIS Portal for RGDPS Act – Reaffirming the Government’s Resolve for Timely Delivery of Services to Citizens

A web portal (http://rgdps.rajasthan.gov.in/ ) for monitoring the implementation of the Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act has been launched by the Department of Information Technology and Communication on behalf of the Department of Administrative Reforms of the Government of Rajasthan.

Under the Act, the government has mandated time bound delivery of various government services to the citizens. It was made effective from 14th November 2011 with 108 services of 15 departments to start with. The number of services has since increased as has the coverage of departments.

To monitor the implementation status and pendency of applications under the Act, the MIS portal has been launched, reaffirming the government’s resolve and commitment to provide timely services to its residents.

The portal was launched on 1st June 2012. It covers 7393 offices, 16933 Posts and 16810 users. A massive training program has been launched by the department of IT&C to train the officers. Nearly 2749 users are trained under “Train the Trainers” program. This has started yielding the desired results as a number of offices have started entering vital statistics related to the Implementation of the Act. It is expected that, once the trainings are complete, the portal will be fully utilised giving a unified view of the implementation status while providing data for corrective action in case of long pendency of applications.


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